Fundraising for the Bruce T. Halle Assistance Fund has many fun elements associated with it; in fact, it is generally referred to as “fun”raising” by the people who make it happen. If you are interested in organizing or participating in an event, this section will have much of the information you need.

“Fun”raising Ideas

The types of events that have been held throughout the country are very wide in appeal. One of the more popular events is a Golf Tournament, but as you can see from the samples below many events have been held:

Ride to Raise Events
Bike Rides (AZ Tour De Store)
Paintball Event
Bowling Event
Fishing (Houston Fish To Rai$e)

Hosting an Event

Contact us to let us know you are interested in hosting or volunteering for an event.

Thank you for your interest in the Bruce T. Halle Assistance Fund. The kindness of the people that host, participate and volunteer make the BTHAF a success.

Past Events